Friday, June 4, 2010

ग़्रदुअतिओन स्पीच अत कल पोली सन लुईस ओबिस्पो

I am giving a talk tonight at Cal Poly, San Luis Obsipo Aerospace Engineering Graduation Banquet. It is taking place at the same restaurant where I had my graduation so many years ago, Madonna Inn.
Why was I invited to give this talk?
It is because I was the first woman ever to graduate from that department.
Over the years, from being the only women in my classes and at work, I saw more women join the ranks as engineers. But women still continue to avoid engineering as a career.
Surprising, since it is a great desk job, pay extremely well and has a lot of flexibility. It is easier to integrate with a home life and having children than are many other careers.
My company Loral has been exceedingly supportive over the years when I had young children and did not want to work full time.
But yet, women continue to be afraid of it. Why?

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  1. Hmm. Interesting heading. Machine translation into Devnagri. From English, the most confused language in the world. Hmm.

    No wonder. Makes no sense whatsoever, I was completely confused. Doesn't even come close to what I think you are trying to say - which I figured from the first sentence of your post. Here is the corrected title:
    ग्रैजुएशन स्पीच एट कैल पोली, सेन लुई ओब्सिपो एयरोस्पेस एन्जिनेअरिंग ग्रैजुएशन बैंक्वेट
    Now if you are wondering how you could have got it right using Google Transliterate, here is the true phonetic English to use. So you see, there is a long way to go.

    graijueshan speech aet kael poli, sen luee aeyarospaece enjinearing bankwaet